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    Apr 10,
    - by semoadmin
  • I was watching the television on November 3rd as Ted Stevens flew home to cast his vote and thought, "You arrogant, man. Withdraw from the race! Have some dignity!" Now a Federal Judge has set aside his conviction and started a new investigation of the prosecutors. [read more] This man, a 40-year Alaskan veteran of the senate, apparently lost his U.S. Senate seat because of the allegations and now we find out the evidence was withheld and even fabricated. It is difficult to imagine that the 4000 vote margin of loss was not the result of the conviction coupled with media outcry. An outcry which included the Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates (who was also Steven's Governor) making public statements

    Apr 08,
  • Today Australia's Government announced its intent to create a private/public company to build a 100mb/s Ethernet service to 90% of the homes in the country. The new network, with the government owning at least a 51 percent stake, will bring a fiber-to-the-home network with Open Access rules similar to what Poplar Bluff's City Cable did with Internet access in 2005. [read more]

    Apr 07,
  • I heard a statistic reported on the radio the other day that 30% of Americans believe that Entertainers and Pro Athletes should not make more than $1,000,000 a year. Kentucky's new head coach is to be paid $4,000,000 a year for the next eight years which pales in comparison to Pujols who gets paid $16,000,000 a year to play baseball. Pujols gets left in the dark when compared to the $58,000,000 Wil Smith reportedly received from the movie Hancock.

    Apr 03,

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