• Movies are typically a wonderful way to "get away" from the hassles of life. However, sometimes a movie comes along with a mission to "grip you" with life and challenge you with what you are doing with yours. This is a teen-aged movie that challenges youth to care about those around them, especially the "hard to love." The movie is trying to push past the stereotypes that separate people and step out of our comfort zone to touch the lives of those around us. The movie deals with topics that are fully in the face of youth these days including sex, parties, suicide, school shootings, abortion, responsibility and the questions of life and "Who am I?". This movie has themes

    Jan 13,
  • Come out and enjoy the music of songwriter Toni Becker along with cover tunes by The Eagles, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Shawn Colvin and more. Music starts at 8pm. Reservations for dinner are suggested (573.785.0999 or info@pbwinerack.com), but if you have dinner plans, just come out after dinner and enjoy the music and fun. Joining Toni are some of her favorite musicians: Tim Hicks, Steve Seawright, Cody Mosby and Brian. Wine Rack, Poplar Bluff Saturday, January 9th starting at 8pm

    Jan 04,
  • Over the summer of 1995, I was working on a project with Jerusalem Perspective (JP) magazine to develop an interactive CD that would showcase their magazine. I first heard about the "World Wide Web" that summer, but living in technology-locked southeast Missouri, I couldn't grasp the WWW concept and certainly didn't know how to access this "Internet." I had an account on CompuServe (and several other bulletin boards) but we all paid by the minute for the long distance phone access over a 9600 baud modem (9.6k).

    Jan 01,

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