• Why Do I Think That Brannum is Being Framed? ...because the sexual harasser “victim” who the DAR reported as an unnamed employee of the City...is the one and only City Clerk Pam Kearbey. And, according to the DAR, the witnesses to the alleged events were none other than City Manager Doug Bagby and City Attorney Wally Duncan. There are only three members of the City's staff who are hired and fired by the City Council. You guessed it: the City's Clerk, Manager & Attorney. And the three of them are the ones who brought forth and/or corroborated the sexual harassment charges against Brannum. The DAR reported that one week before Kearbey filed her police report, Brannum stated “that he would

    May 02,
  • After reading the "Bach Should Resign! Electric Bill’s “Fuel Factor” Goes Up Without Mandatory Calculation," a friend asked me to do my best at giving an honest analysis of what the Fuel Factor should be. There are many variables, some of which I do not have control of, for instance, I do not have how much the City used for fuel to power the generators. In actuality, it should be cheaper to generate our own power than purchasing it, so one could speculate that the fuel charges would bring down the Fuel Factor rather than raise it. I've given two different ways of calculating the Fuel Factor: With and Without the Capacity Charges. The way power is purchased is by

    May 01,

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