• At the beginning of the new year, the city shot down the opportunity to put their meeting videos online. But part of the "New Direction" includes more open and transparent meetings. What seems so simple, is such a HUGE step. Thank you council for voting 6-0 to post your meetings online!

    May 21,
  • For weeks both Topix and Facebook have had a frenzy of posts regarding how citizens "should go down to City Hall and support Doug Bagby at the next meeting!" But at last night's City Council meeting only Dan Coffman spoke during the citizen input. For the most part Mr. Coffman parroted the DAR's talking points and challenged the council regarding their recent actions. The council respectfully answered all of the inquiries and the meeting moved on without incident. It has been rumored for over a month that those claiming to have been marginalized or disenfranchised by the actions of the current council are attempting a recall of Mayor Pearson and Johnny Brannum. I assume that the group attempting the recall has chosen the political committee

    May 20,
  • Update: There are two ways to evaluate the sale of an asset. 1) look at all the costs to create the asset, all the profits used to to maintain the asset, and the cost to sell the asset. 2) look at what you have to pay off when you sell the asset. The first method, far more difficult to calculate, is a more accurate look of what benefit (or detriment) the asset provided you over the years. But the second method provides you with a snapshot view of whether your sale provided cashflow to your bottom line. In the comments after my post, you will see that Matt Funke does not approve of the second method in this case because one of the

    May 15,
  • At a leading investor conference called The MoneyShow held in Las Vegas this week, two Ripley Countians will be launching a globally competitive Internet product: StockMark.it. Nathan Bradham and Aaron Smothers are excited to present the only investor-centric social network to potential angel and venture capital investors. StockMark.it: The Social Network for Investors will go live next week as a great framework for people to research stocks and communicate with other investors within the online investment community. With a growing user base, the support of the right business network is crucial for StockMark.it in order to have a serious chance at success. Competing with tech giants like Google and Yahoo! provides serious hurdles for these two founders, both of whom have spent

    May 12,

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