• During the month of July alone, there are more than 100 "World Series" going on in various age groups across the United States. The term "World Series" seems to have lost its meaning from overuse, except when it comes to Little League, Cal Ripkin and Babe Ruth organizations. What sets these organizations apart is that they pay all of the travel, lodging and meal expense for the teams who qualify for the World Series. This year, the Sr Babe Ruth World Series is held in Ephrata, Washington. The plane tickets alone from St Louis to Spokane cost over $500 per person. All in all, it's estimated that by the end of the World Series, Babe Ruth organization will spend upwards of $15,000 on

    Jul 28,
  • It is often said that talent, heart and teamwork are the biggest factors for teams to win ballgames, but no team can have the kind of run that the Greenville Bears are on without a great manager. Losing is just part of baseball because over the course of the season a team fields 6 or 7 different pitchers and just one off day by your hitters, fielders or pitchers and your team adds another game to the loss column. Even more so in high school sports where every year has a different set of players to coach, a coach/manager is crucial to the success of a consistent program. [read rest of the story]  

    Apr 18,
  • Today, at Grace United Methodist Church in St Louis, the Memorial Service for Paul Andrew Kidwell was held. As my lovely wife Toni posted on Facebook, "Brian and I said goodbye to a bosom buddy today. It was the hardest time I've ever had singing through the emotions, and I've sung at many goodbyes. In the midst of the deep grief, though, there were sweet reunions with friends gathered in the majestic sanctuary from another era of all of our lives. We shared a love and respect for Paul." Toni and I sang "My Chains Are Gone - Amazing Grace" as Special Music. Stacy Garrett (Paul's friend from 4th Grade on) and I were both honored to be asked to

    Jan 16,
  • A story has been posted all over Facebook showing that Poplar Bluff was recently listed at the #1 most Ghetto place to live in Missouri. Citing crime statistics, median family income, graduation rates, and the number of convenience/drug/discount stores along with other data they came to the conclusion that PB is #ghetto-est. The site clearly claims that their scientifically-based opinions are totally for infotainment, but for those who call Poplar Bluff home it is a bittersweet laugh. I did a search on their site and Poplar Bluff has shown up often. PB is: #1 in ghetto #8 in drunkest #4 in most redneck #8 in worst places to live   RoadSnacks.net - Search Results for: Poplar Bluff These Are The

    Dec 31,
  • Here we are only a few days from Christmas and 2016 and I have this overwhelming urge to say thank you to everyone who uses Bluff Technologies, Inc. and SEMO.net. I'm the only remaining employee of SEMO.net. So when customers call in they talk with me. That's a far cry from 10 years ago when Poplar Bluff Internet had 50 employees working 24/7. As I write this, I'm in Nashville because my oldest son, Ben, has a recording session this afternoon for two of his songs. But, with the wonders of technology, our phone system tracks me down and I can still work no matter where I am (though the hold times might be a little longer today and tomorrow).

    Dec 21,

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