• ANYONE CAN PLAY BUT YOU MUST BE A SEMO.NET CUSTOMER TO WIN THE CARDINALS TICKETS OR $5 CREDIT ON YOUR ACCOUT. YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ONE TIME. MULTIPLE ENTRIES WILL CAUSE YOU TO BE DISQUALIFIED. Are you up for the challenge? The semo.net customer who wins the contest will win four fieldbox tickets (Row 6, Section 168, Seats 1-4) to the St Louis Cardinals Baseball game on April 22nd against Houston Astros. And for every semo.net customer who scores better than me (my team name is BTBecker) you will be given a $5 credit on your account in May. First you need to register: http://marchmania2005.usatoday.com/signup/signup.asp?game_id=47 After you've registered, go to the "Join an Existing Private Pool" header on the Create/Join

    Mar 14,
  • The other day one of my staff sent me a link about a new use for RDIF tags. For those of you who don't know about RDIF tags…they are little electronic devices embedded in cloth that can be electronically read from a short distance. Here's a short description of how they can be used taken from pcjournal.com. Midwest Technology Journal RDIF Tags--If You Haven't Heard of Them You Soon Will J. Bradley Young Imagine the grocery store of the future. You fill your cart with groceries and proceed to the payment desk. Without the necessity of placing all of your items on some freakish conveyor belt, you simply proceed to the payment desk where a clerk hands you a debit

    Mar 09,
  • Religion that God accepts as pure and faultless is looking after orphans and widows in their distress -- commentary by James, the brother of Jesus We learned about Rev. Jeyanesan's work in the war-ravaged District of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka when we met him in Israel in 1996. He quickly became our friend as we learned about his mission to care for the orphaned, deserted, malnourished children and widows in the area. Before the tsunami, he had over 2000 children under his care, 320 were orphans. Although much of what they had was destroyed by this disaster, their numbers have grown dramatically because of it; Rev. Jeyanesan is working hard to help each and everyone that comes to him. Rev. Jeyanesan

    Jan 21,
  • Not sure this qualifies as a sport...but it is fun. What do you get when you combine a high-powered remote controlled model car, a five foot ramp and three video cameras? You won't believe it until you download the short movie and watch: http://boreme.com/bm/JAN04/a/m_house_jump/fr.htm

    Apr 26,

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