• There are two things that absolutely get my heart pumping more than anything else in the outdoors, the whitetail rut and the crappie spawn. The Lord clearly knew that most stand-up, logical outdoorsmen would prefer crappie and deer over all other fish and game, so he put these two glorious seasons at opposite times of the year, so that we mighty outdoorsmen might also be able to enjoy a happy marriage! Now is the time my friends, the moon is full, we've had plenty of warm days, and stringers of male crappie are already starting to appear on my Facebook feed. Here are some tips and tactics that will help you be more successful during the spawn. The crappie spawn attracts

    Apr 07,
  • How about a little spring weather my friends! Bright sunshine and warm afternoons has turned the crappie on across the lower Midwest, and according to my various social media outlets, a lot of anglers are getting in on the action. There’s a big tournament coming up on Kentucky Lake that is going to land right on some of the best crappie fishing of the year. The Henry County Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse has planned the Second Annual Carl Perkins Center-Tosh Farm Annual Crappie tournament for April 25, 2015 at Paris Landing on Kentucky Lake Entry fee will be $55 per person. 100% of the application fee goes to fight child abuse and aid in the

    Mar 31,
  • As you can imagine, I don’t see much of my family this time of year outside of my wife and son, with all the traveling and working and whatnot. My mother and step-dad, Charlotte and Perry Jackson, are always generous hosts up in Jackson, MO, so we figured we should take a weekend and go visit. Completely unbeknownst to me, Perry planned a fishing trip for us over in the Land of Lincoln, and I thought it would be rude to refuse! Fishermen often ask me how to go to new lakes and be successful, and I always tell them the same thing, start by researching as much as you can. While Kinkaid is not a new lake to me,

    Mar 24,
  • I promise that this is the last time my report comes from Mississippi, that is of course unless I get another opportunity to go, in which case I apologize ahead of time, because I’ll be down I-55 faster than you can say “Man that’s a huge crappie!” This past weekend was the Bass Pro Shop’s Crappie Master’s tournament on my home away from home, Lake Washington, Mississippi. You’d think that after having been there the prior week, and with three more days to pre-fish for the tournament, I’d have the crappie absolutely pinned down, but you’d be wrong! It is called fishing, not catching, and there is a reason for that my friends. We couldn’t sell thousands of different colored

    Mar 16,
  • That's right, I'm still giving fishing reports from 300 miles away, I'd give a local report but my momma always said that if I didn't have anything nice to say I should say nothing at all! Actually, that's not entirely true, we have a bit of good news in that our lakes are no longer froze solid! Furthermore, I saw a few pictures of anglers holding some big crappie from Wappapello Lake, so there is hope. This trip was my 4th to Lake Washington, and I made arrangements to take my lovely wife with me. she'd never been there, but has heard me talk about it at great length, and I wanted her to experience my second favorite lake in

    Mar 10,

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