• For the love of God, I am seriously considering moving south! This is ridiculous, and it doesn’t appear to be ending, and as many of you read this we may be in the midst of another monumental snow storm, but I will be 4 hours south where you’d think it would be safe. But alas, they’re calling for freezing rain almost to New Orleans! Horrendous weather or not, I am leaving in a few days and had to get the boat ready, which was (still is) quite the task given the 10-inches of frozen snow encapsulating it. Not to be deterred, I began with a propane heater aimed at the drain hole and took a garden hoe to the top,

    Mar 04,
  • Well folks, February has her icy cold fingers wrapped tightly around the throat of the Heartland, and as adept as I've become with my snow shovel, I still can’t seem to get her to let go. This is when an outdoor writer has to strap on his literary snow boots and earn those big checks, which aren't actually over-sized, but just appear that way in comparison to the tiny numbers written on them. With the 9-inches of snow still in my yard and the wind chill nearing absolute zero, I can only fantasize about warmer climates and future plans. I have a trip coming up in a few weeks, and I’d like to invite any of the crappie fishing/boat owning

    Feb 24,
  • Reporting live from the igloo that has become my house, I’d like to offer an idea to our friends at the local news channels. It’s evident that nothing tickles the meteorologists more than reporting live from outside in the weather, so how about we strap that microphone to the handle end of a snow shovel, and each segment can be filmed at someone else’s driveway. I could deal with a winded dialogue if it meant a clean driveway! In all seriousness, I should give the fine folks at KFVS12 credit for nailing the forecast, at least for my house. There’s somewhere around 12-inches of snow out in my yard, and with the projected temperatures over the next week, I don’t

    Feb 18,
  • I enjoy an early February warm front as much as the next guy, but the 20 mph south wind that accompanies it I could do without. But alas, that is the nature of early spring, which regardless of what that Pennsylvanian varmint sees or doesn’t see, starts for us outdoorsmen the day after duck season ends. The golden opportunity for us weekend warriors came Saturday morning, before the wind gusts exceeded the speed limit on most city streets. Thanks to the wonders of social media and my vast array of friends, I was able to see monster crappie coming from every body of water between Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Erie! Reelfoot Lake is turning out some slabs in the shallow,

    Feb 11,
  • Well folks the Grizzly Jig Spring Tackle Show has come and gone, and I was honored to meet so many people who read this column both online and in the area newspapers. One gentleman came up and introduced himself and said, “Hey I really enjoy your column, and thank God you finally put that boy of yours on a deer!” I thanked him and began to give some of the details of the hunt, and he quickly cut me off and said, “Now do you think you could get back to giving a decent fishing report!?” Yes sir, yes sir I can! Duck season went out with a bang and I saw a lot of wader-laden water-fowlers posting pictures of

    Jan 29,

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