• Above photo: Danielle Berry, Murray Hammond and Sarah Chaffin     When my family moved back to my husband, Brian’s, hometown of Williamsville four years ago, my wise farmer father-in-law, Jim Becker, encouraged me to get involved in the community garden located right next door to the house. The soil was so rich he grew sweet potatoes the size of an infant! As that first Williamsville winter slowly faded into spring, I thought I’d give it a shot. With memories of beautiful gardens I witnessed growing up in Wisconsin, I chose a plot, designed my garden with the help of GrowVeg.com and started some plants from seed. That first year was an eye-opening foray into the very difficult, albeit rewarding,

    Jul 31,
  • Broussards on Main Street in Downtown Cape at night (photo by Ken Steinhoff. © Ken Steinhoff. All Rights Reserved.) See: Jim Stone and Main Street Neon   It doesn't take much coaxing to get me to hop in the car and head to Cape Girardeau. It's such a great town with excellent shopping choices and eateries. Now that the highways out of Poplar Bluff have expanded it doesn't take much time at all to get there either. One trip stands out in my mind. My husband and I had the seemingly rare opportunity to break from our busy schedules to make the trip together. On the drive from Poplar Bluff we narrowed down our many choices of eateries to hit for

    Jul 31,
  • I don’t know about you but I think it’s an exciting event when a new shop opens up in our area. So when I read about the launching of Blue Relics and Revivals on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to see what goodies these creative sisters had up their sleeves.

    Oct 18,
  • I can’t count the times I’ve driven by her garden and practically run off the road trying to take as much of it in as is possible at 50 mph. On this beautiful morning, as I had an errand out that way, there was no schedule keeping me from dropping by to take a closer look at this gorgeous spectacle: Vicki Armes’ garden.                 I felt a little nervous just popping in on the Armes family who were all very hard at work in the various garden plots surrounding the house. But apparently this is a common occurrence at the Armes' house as strangers often drop by to inquire about Vicki's masterful handiwork

    Jul 30,
  • With all the talk and heated debate around the subject of guns today, I developed an interest and curiosity I never had before. As a mom of two teenage boys who love to hunt on the family farm where we live, I decided that I owe it to them to become more knowledgeable about the handling of guns. Guns made me nervous and I knew the apprehension stemmed from a tragic story from my high school days. The lazy summer of my 16th year was shattered by the news that two brothers, a year apart in age and both good friends of mine, were target shooting on their farm and my classmate's gun caused the death of his brother. The

    Mar 03,

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