• Poplar Bluff, Mo. - The Friends of the NRA held their 22nd Annual Fundraising Banquet Saturday at Poplar Bluff's Black River Coliseum. Albert Boeving, one of the organizers of the event, noted that this year's event set a record in terms of the net amount raised per attendee. “Our attendance was down slightly because of many competing events going on this weekend,” said Boeving. “But we actually set a record with the amount of money raised per attendee.” The event netted over $75,000 and attracted about 550 attendees. The event included social time and a live auction of several items. Over 90 guns were won in raffles or bought by attendees at the event. “Really, it is amazing that we

    Aug 19,
  • Poplar Bluff, Mo. -  A downtown area generally grows by planting seeds of development. That means taking old buildings and making them new again: Useful to the citizens and neighborhoods they occupy. That is exactly what MACO Management Company desired to do with the Vine Street Apartments at the corner of Fifth and Vine Streets. What once was a block of neglected buildings is now modern, convenient, apartments designed with senior citizens in mind. Jennifer Ward, site manager for the apartments, says that the block now houses 42 units, all handicapped accessible. She notes since they opened in 2010, they have nearly always had 100% occupancy and generally have a waiting list. The apartments are designed for seniors age 55

    Jul 31,

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