• You know them for mud, but did you know that Brick’s Offroad Park built the largest jet sprint boat track in the world?  They are getting ready to take the extreme sports world by storm with water. The USSBA Jet Sprint World Series comes to Brick’s this weekend, August 15-17, with over 30 sprint boat teams from all over the world coming to southeast Missouri. “We’ll have boats from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, as well as from all over the U.S.,” explained Jay Brickell, owner of Brick’s Offroad Park. Jet Sprint racing is fast becoming one of the world’s fastest growing motorsports in the country. It’s a sport that gets the heart racing, whether racer or spectator, where 15-foot boats with 1200HP motors glide over the water at breath-taking speeds. “These boats take off.

    Aug 15,
  • Trucks Gone Wild came to Brick's Offroad Park this weekend (June 7-9) and out came the big trucks and even bigger crowds. This is the sixth year that the video company has come to Southeast Missouri to capture trucks doing crazy things like launching into the air at 45 miles per hour to jump a 30 ft slough. In years past the Highway Patrol monitored the area but this weekend it was described as more aggressive and an all out ticket-trap. One Brick's fan called it "redneck profiling." A group of eight from Brick's were eating at Colton's steakhouse Saturday night. The talk bounced from one trailer being stopped for exceeding the maximum height by two inches; to the awesome

    Jun 08,

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