• PBII's Appeal Case Is Affirmed (the bitter) Pearson Is Appointed Mayor (the sweet) First the SWEET... Last night three new councilmen (Jack Rushin, David Johnson and Peter Tinsley) were sworn in. The first order of business was to elect a Mayor. Angela Pearson was elected as the new Mayor of Poplar Bluff and Jack Rushin elected as the new Mayor Pro Tem. The Mayor is the spokesperson and figurehead for our community.  Many people hear the word "mayor" and assume it is a position of power. In Poplar Bluff's form of government, a third-class optional City Manager form found in Mo Rev Statues 78.700, most of the power typically associated with Mayor is wielded by the City Manager. In our form

    Apr 22,
  • I've tried to investigate two stories surrounding the City Cable sale, but am getting no where so I'm left to either not report it or let you know what I've come across and see if you can help me corroborate the stories. Of course my critics are going to claim I'm rumor-mongering, and to a degree I understand and accept that critique. Insurance Questions Regarding City Cable One of the city employees who was potentially being fired as a result of the sale of City Cable has a child with serious health issues. I asked the labor rep of the union to provide me any details and he couldn't give me specifics but did say that a trip to a

    Apr 10,
  • I'm excited to announce that Poplar Bluff has opted to make a sweeping change to our city council today by electing at-large members Dr. Jack Rushin and David Johnson and Ward 5 member Peter Tinsley. All of them discussed wonderful ideas for helping keep the momentum of Poplar Bluff going and I look forward to what they will accomplish in the three year term. For everyone who got out and voted...bless you! Brian Becker

    Apr 08,
  • People have expressed confusion over how the City Council voting, so I wanted to help clear things up. If you live inside the city limits of Poplar Bluff you will be able to vote for two at-large city council members. Your ballot will look like: If you vote at the Armory, you live in Ward 5. Your ballot will have an extra section on it to select Ward 5's representing Council member for the next three years. That ballot will look like the following: Many Poplar Bluffians received a mailer in the last few days reminding them to get out and vote for the candidates who best represent the people of Poplar Bluff. The city of Poplar Bluff is at

    Apr 06,

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