• JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Noranda, an aluminum smelter based in New Madrid, is the largest employer in Southeast Missouri with over 888 employees. Located in the St. Jude Industrial Park, the plant covers over 3000 acres with more than 40 acres under roof. Electricity is one-third of all operational expenses for Noranda; last year they paid Ameren $160,000,000 for electricity. Ameren’s rate to Noranda has increased by 40% since 2007, and more than $44M since 2009. Noranda requested the Public Service Commission to reduce their electric rate from Ameren stating that without a reduction it would be difficult for them to keep the factory open. There’s been an epidemic of aluminum smelter shutdowns over the recent years as 32 smelters

    Aug 11,
  • Parental Involvement Key to Improving Our Children’s Education JEFFERSON CITY – This legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly passed House Bill 1490 (HB 1490), changing the laws regarding academic performance and learning standards in elementary and secondary education. This legislation was inspired by parents, citizens, and elected officials who pushed back against the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and their implementation in Missouri’s education system. The so-called “state standards” are the latest attempt at national standards. The CCSS “national” standards were never reviewed or approved by members of the Legislature as is required by Missouri law; the decision to adopt these standards was made unilaterally. “As a member of the Senate Education Committee I heard testimony from parents, teachers, and

    Aug 05,
  • Caruthersville, MO - Thirty-four individuals signed the request to testify list to address the Public Service Commission at the first of three Public Hearings scheduled for June 9, 10 and 11 in Caruthersville, St Louis and Jefferson City, respectively. The Public Hearings are to determine an issue between Noranda, an aluminum smelter in New Madrid who is Southeast Missouri's largest employer, and Ameren, the power company. Noranda is asking for their power rates to be fixed at $30/Megawatt hour. Ameren claims this rate would be below their cost and all other Ameren customers would see an increase of 1.8%. Noranda is Ameren's biggest customer buying 10% of all of Ameren's power each month. Noranda pays over $160 Million to Ameren

    Jun 10,

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