• Dial-Up Access Numbers Any of our users (semo.net / sheltonbbs.com / IMSInternet.net) can use the phone numbers below. Please be aware that you must use your full email address (example: flarson@semo.net or jcolley@sheltonbbs.com) to log in not just your username (example: flarson or jcolley) as in the past. Locations Phone # Advance 573.722.9920 Annapolis 573.598.3863 Bernie 573.293.1888 Birch Tree 573.292.4004 Bloomfield 573.568.2840 Boss 573.538.1000 Bunker 573.463.1000 Campbell 573.246.2428 Cape Girardeau 573.334.9117 Centerville 573.648.2326 Charleston 573.683.2286 Columbia 573.777.1112 Deering See Hayti or Kennett Dexter 573.624.3722 Ellsinore 573.322.8421 Eminence 573.226.5005 Farmington 573.518.0137 Flat River 573.518.0137 Fredericktown 573.783.1913 Fremont 573.251.1000 Hayti 573.359.0850 Ironton/Arcadia 573.546.1932 Jackson 573.204.1706 Kennett 573.888.1310 Lesterville 573.487.1890 Malden 573.276.5951 Marble Hill 573.238.4942 Marston 573.643.2158 New Wells 573.833.6298 Oats/Black 573.623.1890 Oran

    Dec 12,
    - by semoadmin
  • SEMO TIMES is pleased to announce a new advertiser: Historic Downtown Dexter Association. This Friday they will be holding their Moonlight Madness event and on December 6 they will be hosting Christmas Open House and Polar Express Experience. For more information, check out our Downtown Dexter issue.

    Nov 13,
  • We are excited to add Puerto Jaivo Mexican Restaurant as an advertiser on SEMO TIMES and online at SEMO.net. Puerto Jaivo has the area's only full Mexican Buffet every Sunday from 11am to 3pm for just $7.99 with children discounted. They have a very unique and flavorful Pineapple Fajita! Their address is 1700 Bootheel Plaza in Kennett. 573.717.1955

    Oct 22,
  • Malden's Kent Hampton said serving people is why we're all here on earth. He's served 38 years as a manager at Noranda, the largest employer in southeast Missouri; two terms in the Missouri House of Representatives; and as a deacon for 14 years at First Southern Baptist Church at Malden. Now, at age 66, he wants to continue serving as Dunklin County's next clerk. He faces incumbent Carol Hinesly on Nov. 4. "I bring a different perspective to the job," Hampton told SEMO TIMES. "More transparency. "I want to encourage people to come to the courthouse," the candidate continued. "I want them to know I'm their friend and neighbor. I enjoy meeting and helping people. As a public servant, I'm

    Oct 22,
  • Dunklin County Clerk Carol Hinesly was at the office recently, as she was for the last 30 years. She loves her job serving the people of Dunklin County, and on Nov. 4 the people have the opportunity to re-elect her as their clerk. "I've worked here under three clerks," the county clerk said. "I have all the experience that 30 years in this office gives you." Carol started her public service life decades ago helping at the county assessor's office. "When Billy Horner was county clerk, I wrote the tax books for the assessor and helped collect taxes," Hinesly said. "He did it all as clerk, and hired my mentor Dixie Ross. "Then I worked for Charles Isbell, who

    Oct 22,
  • Republican Tila Rowland Hubrecht won the Mo. Dist. 151 representative seat in the last special election. Voters on Nov. 4 will decide if she returns to Jefferson City to fulfill a complete term. She has had careers as both a teacher and nurse. She said those real-world experiences offered her a unique perspective regarding representing the people of her district. "I'm committed," she said. "I'm a conservative who supports and represents the common sense values of my district. “I think much of Southeast Missouri is just forgotten," the representative added. "I am committed to work for change to benefit us all." Hubrecht said she's experienced the struggles of day-to-day living on restrictive budgets and the struggle her constituents face to

    Oct 22,

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