• Two best-friends got together last month and created their first online cartoon. It's a "Happy Mother's Day" eCard for you to send on to your own mother. After all, where would we be without the wonderful love, support and constant maintenance our mothers do for us! Click on it, enjoy and then support their hard work by forwarding it on to all your friends...and especially your Mother!

    May 05,
  • Next week, from Tuesday through Saturday---which is Mother's Day eve!---The Scent Shop will be holding a special Mother's Day "Color Her World with Fragrance" promotion: Purchase 1 bottle of fragrance, and get a second of your choice for half price!   ******   What is it about scent that stirs the heart, the imagination, the deepest memory of man and woman? Well, since Mother's Day is right around the corner, let's save that one for the mind-body experts at Johns Hopkins, while we get right down to all you need to know about Geriann Fowler's friendly neighborhood fragrance haven, The Scent Shop!

    May 03,
  • ...one man had even lifted his shirt so that all could get a close-up of his most recent surgical scar. Everyone seemed duly impressed at the shiny gross-out spectacle near this stranger's exposed navel... Moom and I had a screamingly funny time on the trail, sailing along the untried road in utter darkness during an unexpected thunderstorm. "You do have your cell phone, don't you?" she asked, in seriousness. "Yes," I answered. "But do we even know where we are, I mean, exactly? Will the phone even get a signal out here? And how would we tell anyone where we are, when we can't see anything but some sort of crops all over the place?" We both burst out laughing,

    May 01,

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