• Mother’s Day’s this coming Sunday! Here’s the wrap-up of some movie ideas that might bring a smile! Youngsters’ Mom-Flicks The Parent Trap (Brian Keith, Maureen O’Hara, Hayley Mills, 1961; Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, 1998) Old favorite about sisters being reared apart by their divorced parents---sisters who are now plotting feverishly to haul the grown-ups back before the preacher-man!

    May 08,
  • We are sorry about the 30+ hour outage with Windstream DSL service. Here's the long story: Windstream had a major equipment failure yesterday (5/7) at their central office. All DSL users (Windstream and ours) went down for over an hour. Windstream's equipment was swapped out and all customers except for ours were restored at some point yesterday. We continued to work with them to track down the problem. Late this afternoon (5/8), it was discovered that the new Windstream replacement equipment we were connected to was configured differently than the original equipment. One simple command on our Cisco router corrected the errors our DS3 line was taking in Little Rock. Windstream then bounced the circuit up and down (on/off) and

    May 08,
  •   Mother’s Day is Sunday May 11, 2008! The movies have been making a big deal of Mom for ages, since well before James Cagney’s psychopathic Cody Jarrett went stark-raving bonkers in the prison mess hall on learning his beloved, but homicidal, mother had bought it in the back (White Heat, 1949)... In the run-up to Mother’s Day weekend, I’ve put together a list of noteworthy films from yesteryear that all have one thing in common: At least one compelling mother(ing) character, or a strong motherhood theme.

    May 08,
  • It's been two months since Rick and I have gotten together on air. Last month, I was at a conference in Las Vegas called CTIA Wireless which focused on all the new wireless products available. One of the coolest things coming down the road is FemtoCells.FemtoCells are small devices you buy from your Cell Phone company and hook up to your home or business Internet connection. It becomes a small "cell tower" for your cell phone. Your calls go through your Internet connection and when you go outside, the calls are handed-off to the closest cell tower seamlessly. Verizon announced their product last month to be released later this year for $50. Rumors have AT&T on track to sell their

    May 07,
  • I was not one of the 1008 Americans to receive a call from CNN Opinion Research Corporation Poll, asking whether I’m in a sour mood over the state of the country, so I did not get to weigh in on the subject. I wish I had been called, because I would have greatly differed with the whopping 70% of my grumpy countrymen. And, should the unsuspecting pollster have stayed on the line long enough, I would have had this to say: Who lets their mood be determined by such a thing? If I based my mood on something as ambiguous as the state of the country, I might never rise from my covers in the morning. What kind of emotional

    May 05,

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