• This is part 4 of a 7-part series on Advent by Toni and Brian Becker. [Play Christmas worship music before gathering to set a special tone. You can even play the four songs you are going to sing during the service to familiarize everyone to the songs.] Opening Prayer and Lighting of First Candle [light the first candle] Lord God, we open our hearts to You. We remember that the first candle represents the hope that we have in You, the light of the world. Thank You for Your faithfulness, Oh God. You are long-suffering and full of loving-kindness. We are the recipients of that love even when we are the least deserving of any of it. We are humbled

    Dec 04,
  • FCC and White Space Devices Two articles for more information. Thinking Alpha Wikipedia (more technical) Advent in your Home For the past three years, our family has enjoyed our Sunday evening family Advent service. This year, Toni and I are sharing our Advent service so you can enjoy Advent at home too.

    Dec 03,
  • The Civil War in Missouri was fought primarily as a partisan, no-holds-barred, guerrilla style of combat. No house or family was safe from either side. Each side raided, robbed and destroyed indiscriminately, regardless of the allegiance of the people affected. It was ‘war with the knife and the knife to the hilt.’ Fighting occurred in virtually every part of our state, but some of the roughest and wildest was here in our own backyard.

    Dec 02,

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