• More than the 2900 signatures were gathered to put Open Access to a vote of the people as promised by City Manager, Doug Bagby. Now, the Open Access Petition group turns its attention to protecting the voters who signed the petition. The group’s new web site, www.LetPBDecide.com, is designed to keep the citizens updated on progress and encourage valuable input. Brian Becker, group spokesperson, stated, “It appears to us that these 3400 voters have no advocate within City Hall. City Hall is working to figure out ways to throw out voters. For instance, we’ve heard City Hall is considering throwing out any voter who mailed in their petition. That is sad.” LetPBDecide.com features video clips of Poplar Bluff citizens giving

    Nov 11,
  • Dear council members and neighbors, I’ve appeared before you on a number of occasions over the last 18 months. I apologize for any counter-productive or offending behavior which set our paths at odds. My business and livelihood, as well as the livelihood of my staff, were in jeopardy. I was thrust into this political world I was not prepared for. Thank you for the opportunity to address you this evening.

    Nov 08,
  • Last night, I met a young man who recently lost his job. He, his wife and little boy and young daughter were all out in their yard. They had already signed our petition a few weeks back, and I was there with a "change of address" form so that his petition signature would match his voter address. We spoke about the struggle to survive in this economy. We talked about how hard it is for our young children to understand

    Nov 03,

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