• Dear Wireless customers, For those who use our wireless Internet service, SEMO.net is having to end our wireless internet service as of the middle of July. We are very sorry but the wireless service has come to a point where it is costing more to provide than it is generating. We wanted to give you as much time as possible to find a new solution. We will continue to offer DSL, Dialup, hosting and email services and the SEMO.net web page will continue to be available. To help us avoid any confusion with other customers who use other services, please make sure that when talking about this you always make reference to our "wireless" service that is shutting down. If

    Jun 13,
  • JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. [The Missouri Times] – Several southeast Missourians have informed The Missouri Times that Schrieber has told them that by attacking Senator Libla on an issue that the [Conservation] department was lobbying against would be an avenue toward helping him be appointed to the [Conservation] commission when the local highly-respected Don Bedell finishes his term in July of next year. Schrieber has reportedly told several locals that Frank Campa, a conservation agent based out Cape Girardeau, informed him that attacking the Senator would be a perfect way to “curry favor” with the department and assist in his appointment. Read the rest of the story at: The Missouri Times

    Jun 11,
  • Caruthersville, MO - Thirty-four individuals signed the request to testify list to address the Public Service Commission at the first of three Public Hearings scheduled for June 9, 10 and 11 in Caruthersville, St Louis and Jefferson City, respectively. The Public Hearings are to determine an issue between Noranda, an aluminum smelter in New Madrid who is Southeast Missouri's largest employer, and Ameren, the power company. Noranda is asking for their power rates to be fixed at $30/Megawatt hour. Ameren claims this rate would be below their cost and all other Ameren customers would see an increase of 1.8%. Noranda is Ameren's biggest customer buying 10% of all of Ameren's power each month. Noranda pays over $160 Million to Ameren

    Jun 10,
  • Trucks Gone Wild came to Brick's Offroad Park this weekend (June 7-9) and out came the big trucks and even bigger crowds. This is the sixth year that the video company has come to Southeast Missouri to capture trucks doing crazy things like launching into the air at 45 miles per hour to jump a 30 ft slough. In years past the Highway Patrol monitored the area but this weekend it was described as more aggressive and an all out ticket-trap. One Brick's fan called it "redneck profiling." A group of eight from Brick's were eating at Colton's steakhouse Saturday night. The talk bounced from one trailer being stopped for exceeding the maximum height by two inches; to the awesome

    Jun 08,
  • In a letter from the Little Rock District of the Corp of Engineers to the City of Poplar Bluff, Project Manager Louis Clark alerted the City Manager that they had 30 days to respond to the issues raised by multiple agencies regarding the second phase of Shelby Road which was to extend from Kanell Blvd (PP Hwy) south and east to the intersection of Business Hwy 67 and Hwy 53. This builds a second north-south business corridor allowing for better traffic flow and continued business development for the Poplar Bluff area. The letter states that the Environmental Protection Agency, the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources were all concerned with the mitigation efforts as stated

    Jun 03,

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