• During the recent winter weather which gave just about everyone the bad case of “Cabin Fever” there was plenty of time to reflect on things of the past and look forward to the coming of spring and outdoor activities.  Spring has finally arrived and with it some of the hazards of being outdoors and spending time with the normal things people do to get ready for an active summer.  Ticks are out. I did a lot of thinking of things that have happened to me during past winters and they included a lot of activity that was not figured as crazy when they happened.  However, as I look back, some of the things were not too bright and some even

    Apr 01,
  • Its tournament time for bass fisherman in the area.  The Wappapello Bass Circuit will have their first tournament March 28, fishing from Redman Creek launch ramp.  Take off will be at 6am with weigh in at 3. The remainder of their schedule is April 25, May 30, June 27, July 25 and August 29.  All tournaments will be at Redman Creek.  Also their Classic will be October 10 and 11 at Redman Creek. For tournament information on these two events, you can contact Dennis Outdoors in Poplar Bluff or call Julie Stuever at (573) 686-1744 daytime or (573) 718-5373 in the evening. Other tournament dates will be listed as I receive information from the sponsors of the events. UKC competition

    Mar 30,
  • Mother Nature has finally given some indication that the weather patterns are returning to their normal routines and spring is here.  My memory is still good but I have vague recollections of hunting Easter Eggs in the snow one year when I was a little kid. I had a couple of ideas about what to write about but an old Missouri Conservation magazine changed those thoughts to something more urgent.  People have been asking me when to put out hummingbird feeders. My wife is anxiously waiting another week and then the first feeder will go out with a small amount of food for the “scouts” that will appear ahead of the migration of hummers that surely will come sometime early

    Mar 23,
  • I started to kick off this article with the statement that I am often unorganized but as I think about it, my wife will disagree with that and say that I am always unorganized. That came to light when I finished reading an article in the DAR about the Southeast Missouri Sportsmen’s annual membership meeting and dinner.  I had a clipping from the DAR that was more than 40 years ago about one of the organizations most successful events. When I looked in the envelope where I had seen it last, it was gone.  I knew it was in the envelope, but it wasn't there. After a frantic search, it was found and included below. The adults in the picture are

    Mar 16,
  • Have we had enough winter yet?  I can assure you that this man has.  This snow has lingered way too far this time and there isn’t too much enjoyment to be had.  Sledding, snowball fights, snowmen and the like are activities best enjoyed by the younger crowd.  I do enjoy watching my grandkids play in the frozen mess, but personally I’ll stay indoors. I can remember nasty winters, but it seems like they have gotten worse.  Maybe that’s just my recollection. Spring is coming and soon it will be turkey season.   A long time ago, we didn’t have much of a turkey population.  I can recall when the first wild turkeys were released in the area in the vicinity of

    Mar 10,

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