• Wisdom from the Woods is going to take off in a different direction this holiday season. My dad was a veteran of what was named as the war to end wars, but it turned out to be World War I. Dad served in the Army and fought in France after that country was invaded to liberate it from the German army. I was my dad's buddy, being the youngest son to survive. I was followed in the birth line by a brother that died right after birth. Then came five girls so that left me as dad's buddy. I went with him almost everywhere except when he went to work. Dad never talked much about the war and his time

    May 26,
  • May 16 is the date for the biggest fishing event of the year, as far as I am concerned. That is the date of the annual Southeast Missouri Sportsmen’s Association’s Fish and Fun Day. This is the big event of the year for the association. The SEMO organization is the second oldest conservation organization in the state of Missouri. This organization started more than 70 years ago by a few men who felt that the area needed an organization devoted to the conservation efforts for the region. I believe that John McMullin senior was the first president and the annual membership dues was set at $1 per year. The fee was used for conservation efforts such as planting food plots

    May 15,
  • Time sure flies when you are having fun. It’s time again to warm up the typewriter and get out another column. My turkey hunting has ground to a halt as I just don’t get too interested in anything where the game and fish fail to cooperate at least a little bit. I have heard quite a few interviews lately (particularly sports) and most of them get turned off real quick as I don’t like interviews by sports or newscasters of people that don’t know how to speak properly. The phrases that bug me in particular are “you know” and “I mean”. When they are combined with each other sounds very silly to me and tells me that they don’t know

    May 15,
  • Opening morning of the spring firearms turkey season turned out to be a real bummer. I knew where everything I needed was located in the house and as I was getting ready, some of the items were not where they were supposed to be. I found all the clothing that I needed and got dressed and them the searching began. I knew where the shotguns were stored and got out my 12-Ga. that I intended to use. I had a shell vest with the ammunition I needed hanging on the front bedroom door. When I checked to make sure that I had the right vest, imagine my surprise to find 20-Ga. Shells in the vest. I couldn’t find the vest

    Apr 30,
  • Spring has finally arrived officially and in reality. I stayed outside for a while just as it was getting dark last night and listened to the sounds of spring’s arrival. The frogs were croaking and chirping and some of the late moving birds were singing and even a few bats were out trying to find insects. Also the hummers are back. Fishing for a while will be a big blah as the lakes are high with more rainfall predicted so they will remain above where the Corps of Engineers desire for this time of year. The rivers, Black River for an example is more than half-bank full at Poplar Bluff and fishing on that stream will be bad for quite

    Apr 08,

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