• With all the talk and heated debate around the subject of guns today, I developed an interest and curiosity I never had before. As a mom of two teenage boys who love to hunt on the family farm where we live, I decided that I owe it to them to become more knowledgeable about the handling of guns. Guns made me nervous and I knew the apprehension stemmed from a tragic story from my high school days. The lazy summer of my 16th year was shattered by the news that two brothers, a year apart in age and both good friends of mine, were target shooting on their farm and my classmate's gun caused the death of his brother. The

    Mar 03,
  • Missouri Senator, Claire McCaskill, is hosting a town hall meeting to hear the input of her constituents on the health care “reform” debate that is currently raging across America. The free and public event will be held on Monday, August 10 at 2:30 PM at the Rutland Library on Three Rivers Community College Campus. (2080 Three Rivers Blvd. in Poplar Bluff). UPDATE: According to TRCC, the event will be at the Tinnin Fine Art Center, not the Library. (Thanks, Eleisha!) You can contact the Senator by calling her Columbia Office at 573-442-7130 or emailing her through her web site with any questions or to make your voice heard on this crucial issue. There are many websites to get up to

    Aug 04,
  • An enormous amount of energy from a wide cast of participants goes into carrying out a successful summer youth baseball season. You’ve got the Park Department staff, coaches, parents, players, concession staff and ball park maintenance staff, each playing a vital role in pulling it all together. Now we know that baseball enthusiasts come in all ages, but the cliché is true that the baseball program is primarily “for the kids.”

    Jul 13,
  • In just a few short weeks the weather will warm us to the idea of shedding some layers of clothing and even trying on last summer’s bathing suit. It is then, when that Paul Lynde voice behind the dreaded mirror reflection either purrs and winks back or grimaces while hurling awful insults, that we are faced with the consequences of a long winter’s worth of food and exercise choices. I can think of two friends, off the top of my head, to whom the mirror will be kind, but if you are like me, you are woeful at the wiggliness of that skin between your elbow and arm pit, sickened at the size of your thighs, bothered by your blubbery

    Apr 17,
  • A little over a year ago I attended Gateway Church with some friends who’d recently relocated to Dallas from Poplar Bluff. Setting the worshipful tone of the morning’s service included a young, female worship leader named Kari Jobe.

    Feb 27,

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