• It appears that Mr Bagby has decided to retaliate against me for my desire to defeat this ill-conceived ballot measure for the City of Poplar Bluff. And now I'm in the sights of the Poplar Bluff Police department. I was given a ticket today because "a city employee" says they saw me putting flyers on cars...once I get permission from legal counsel I'll be happy to blog about that...but I think it would be wise to leave that one alone at this time. Suffice it to say that I don't believe I did anything wrong. It's curious though, in their zealousness to incriminate me, after taking photos of the "VOTE NO on $20,000,000 SEWER TAX" campaign signs the police officers

    Nov 06,
  • I posted my response to Mr. Bagby's editorial today and got this in my email shortly after: ==========DOUG BAGBY EMAILED ME TODAY=========== ==========END OF EMAIL========================== I'm not sure what to say...Mr Bagby. If an issue is an "easy measure to defeat," should you actually spend money on an election or buy expensive ads in the DAR to support it?

    Nov 05,
  • I read Mr. Bagby's editorial in the DAR today and for the second time this year he's broken our city's ordinance which prohibits the City Manager from being involved in political issues. It's that above-the-law arrogance he routinely displays which is at the core of this sewer tax. Last time he did this was when his puppet councilman was losing this spring, Doug wrote an editorial endorsing Edington only to have the citizens of Fourth Ward slap his hand and put Brannum in power. Now, the arrogance of our City Manager tells you that your vote doesn't even matter. Bagby says he's going to spend the money no matter what you vote. He says he's going to raise your sewer

    Nov 05,
  • The DAR, the (un) official political mouthpiece for the City of Poplar Bluff, ran a series of incorrect and subjective information to SCARE THE PUBLIC today regarding the Sewer Tax which is on the ballot November 6 (spoiler alert: you should vote no). Isn't that the job of a newspaper? Print what the government tells them. NOT IN AMERICA, MR SCHRIEBER! Unless, of course, you are a state-run-media. Is that what you are Mr. Schreiber? State-run? Your reporter was well-aware that there was opposition to this Sewer Tax and could have easily asked for a quote — but that wouldn't suit your propaganda piece. How about doing some actual research and come to conclusions that DON'T fall from the mouth

    Nov 01,

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