• Followers of the trend have what they believe to be Scripturally-based reasons for the path they're pursuing, and it is interesting to see these reasons explained.   I realized that a growing number of Americans refrain from eating meat for various reasons, myself included. But I wasn’t aware until recently, when looking for some seasonal recipes on the Internet, that there’s in fact a vital Christian movement promoting vegetarian living.

    Sep 04,
  • ...what happens if you wear white after Labor Day? Do you get a ticket from the fashion police?...Are you turned away from eating establishments? Do they quit accepting your money at PTA or place of worship? I think our mothers are laughing because they gave us one of those life rules that we're afraid to break. Kind of like---clean your plate---there are starving children somewhere. QVC Community Blog, September 3, 2007 

    Sep 02,
  • It’s true, we’re being buffeted on all sides by the high cost of fuel, and by all the other prices that have shot into the stratosphere because of it. But it’s like they say: Whenever you’re having a perfectly hideous time of it, one of the best things you can do to regain a sense of contentment and balance is this…Find somebody out there that you can help, then focus on making that happen! And, too, it is written (and you know, if it’s not actually written, then somebody ought to take this down right away): Times may be hard, the future may look rough; but for a soldier in the field anyone can score a few Oreos with Double

    Aug 30,
  • This is a communication from MSG Jeffrey Pennington, currently stationed at Patrol Base Kaufman, Samarra, Iraq:  Enemy activity here is starting to increase as we push Al Qaeda further out of the city. As their backs are against the wall, and they have few if any places to hide, more frequent battles have been taking place. One such battle [recently] claimed the life of a U.S. soldier in the unit that operates in Samarra with us.

    Aug 28,
  • Today, some really wild visuals featuring a kind of wedding I didn’t know about before this past June. We touched on this in the first installment of Quirky Theme Weddings, but I had to dig a bit deeper to see if the Star Trek wedding in that piece was more of a one-off type of thing, or part of a larger trend... Turns out it's part of a trend, all right, and the links below are a portal to a world where few southeast Missourians have ever gone before…but there are other people around the globe who apparently spend a lot of time there. And I mean, a lot.

    Aug 26,

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